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Monthly Archives: April 2011

This afternoon I was going through some of my boxes of fabric that I have dyed and screen printed when I came across some silk. Like anyone who is a textile lover, I can be very inspired just by looking at nice fabric. Silk is such a beautiful, lustrous and luxurious textile. Pictured here is some charmeuse that I dyed in the same way that I dye the wool that I use for my purses.

The only thing about loving a nice textile is not wanting to cut into it. One day I’ll make clothing from my stash of fabrics but for now I’m inspired just by looking at them.

Last week my friend Michelle and I decided to dye Easter eggs. It had been years since either one of us had done so and we forgot how easy and fun it was. Here are some pictures of our eggs that we dyed with food colouring and used mac-tac to cut out resist shapes.

I couldn’t resist putting these goofy ears on Cali…only because I think he looks a bit like a bunny.

Happy Easter!